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“It’s not that often you come across a freshly-minted garden periodical that makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing and settle down for a good read, but so it is with the wittily monikered rakesprogress.  It's a fresh take on the classic gardening magazine genre, very handsomely produced, featuring contributions by a host of talented photographers and writers, including Andrew Montgomery, Martin Parr and Robert MacFarlane, and covering an impressively diverse range of garden-related subjects.” (Fionnuala Fallon; IRISH TIMES)


"There's an evangelical note to the magazine, clearly seeking to reassure the reader that it's okay to be interested in gardening.  It's as if the editors are saying, "look at all these wonderful creatives, they've all got gardens.  Damnit, some of them even do the gardening themselves!"  Some might sneer, but I see it as part of encouraging more folk into an appreciation of gardening, plants and the outdoors, all of which has been achieved with style and mercifully without recourse to mentioning the imperative to "make gardening cool" or – worse – "sexy"." (Andrew O'Brien, Blog post)


"How hip gardeners and viral florists are making it cool to be green" (Evening Standard)


"As soon as I saw it I ordered a copy, hoping it would be as good in the flesh as it appeared on screen.  And it is.  it is beautiful.  Think Kinfolk for the green fingered.  It walks the fine balance between 'inspiring' yet 'down to earth' with effortless style.  Best of all, Rakes Progress leaves you the same feeling you have when you exchange a joke with a total stranger: a connection that is heart-warming and lasts all day.  I'm hooked."  (denys & fielding, blog post)


"While millennials may be consuming news and media through their phones, for free, gardening magazines are bucking the trend...Rakesprogress tells stories about how people connect with the natural world, and herein lies the reason behind this publishing revolution." (Daily Telegraph)


"We are thrilled to be stocking this brilliantly beautiful new magazine @rakesprogress it's a magazine about "gardens, plants and flowers with art and photography at it's heart.  Bloody love it!"  (Nik Southern, owner of florist Grace and Thorn)


"Rakes Progress reminds me of those magazines like The Face...publications that informed a generation.  Printed on beautiful, thick paper, and full of not just interesting articles, of diverse subjects such as war gardens written by Lyse Doucet, the BBC's Chief International Correspondent, but also wonderful photographs and pictures that are art rather than illustrations." (Sara Venn, blog post)


"British title RakesProgress provides a range of plant-related content and inspiring art direction" (MONOCLE names RakesProgress as one of the six best books and magazines in their Going Green report, December 2016/January 2017)



"Perfect reading material on a wet Saturday morning - rakesprogressmagazine issue2, this superb magazine is a totally different take on planting, growing, harvesting crops & flowers, plus the photography is beautiful!"



"Mondays reading is @rakesprogress.  What a bloody beautiful magazine.  Do check it out!"



"We now stock this stunning new magazine @rakesprogress ...Beautiful photography and writing, it's packed full of inspiration, stories and useful tips."



"Wonderful to be in a truly diverse and inspiring magazine."



"The new issue of Rakes Progress has arrived, looking gorgeous as always!"



What the readers say:



"Birds are singing, coffee in hand & rakesprogress to inspire me ahead of an afternoon of gardening, what a brilliant start to my Saturday!!"



"Just received my first copy of RakesProgress.  it is an absolute gem.  A beauty of a magazine."



"We've been looking for something innovative in gardening magazines and here it is!"



"Rakesprogress, 145 glorious pages of inspiration.  Gardens, plants, flowers, all seen with a fresh eye."



"We're delighted at how well the very lovely @rakesprogress magazine has been going down here at Snug.  The progressive guide to gardens, plants & flowers, & full of really beautiful inspirational photography, it's a must have."