Issue 8

In this issue Michael Hodges interviews Azuma Makoto, Simon Bray talks about the importance and meaning in everyday family photographs, Allan Jenkins gives us his dawn manifesto, Sean Swallow on why gardening is a refuge, Yan Wang Preston’s extraordinary project photographing ‘Mother River’, Tom Massey on the life changing Refugee gardens in Syria and Saddleworth’s lost landscape beautifully photographed by Spencer Murphy with words by Lucy Kehoe… all of this and so much more in a 224 page issue - click on our Shop page to buy an issue or head to one of stockists.


Saddlewoth’s Lost Landscape

Photography by Spencer Murphy and words by Lucy Kehoe


Summer with my sister - fashion feature

Photographer: Johan Nilsson
Set-design: Niklas Hansen / LundLund
Stylist: Natalie Olenheim / Rockson
Makeup / Hair: Pari Damani / Agent Bauer
Model: Emma S, Emma J / Mikas / Le Management


forbidden fruits

Photography and set design — Carolina Mizrahi 

 Food stylist — Camilla Wordie   Floral Artist — Yan Skates.

Words — George Hudson  Photographs — Sean Swallow

Words — George Hudson
Photographs — Sean Swallow